Attendance Rules
  • Every Student shall be required to attend minimum 75% lectures in each subject during the semester.

  • A candidate who, having attended the prescribed number of lectures does not appear in the examination or failed in the examination may be allowed to appear at any subsequent examination within a period of two years without attending a fresh course of lectures.

  • If any student falls short of attendance he/she shall not be allowed to appear in the end semester examination. Such student may be allowed to appear in examination on attending deficit lectures through special classes arranged for demand students on payment of prescribe fee.

  • In case the student remains absent from the class for ten consecutive days without leave, his/her name shall be removed from the rolls. However, the student is eligible for re-admission approved by the Registrar/Dean Academic Affairs/VC within 15 days.

  • In case of serious ailments when a student is admitted as an in-patient in a clinic/hospital or otherwise confined to bed the number of classes missed will be deducted from the total classes held and attendance shall be calculated accordingly. Provided such student must have actually attended at least 50% of the lectures delivered to that class without the aforesaid relaxation. Provided such student must have actually attended at least 50% of the lectures delivered to that class without the aforesaid relaxation.

  • The student is required to submit their medical certificate, issued by qualified doctor who administrated the treatment, immediately on joining University after their illness/confinement. Subsequent submission of medical certificate shall not be considered for medical leave.

  • Benefit of additional lectures shall be given to those students participating in Sports Events or Extra co-circular activities. Provided that such students must have actually attended minimum 50% lectures delivered to that class.

  • In case of late admission the attendance shall be counted from the date of admission for the first year class. For other class a student shall be deemed to have been admitted from the scheduled date of commencement of classes or one week of the date when he/she become eligible for admission, whichever is late.

  • Any student or candidate for an examination whose name has been removed from the rolls of the University by the order or resolution of the Vice-Chancellor or Disciplinary Committee or Examination Committee, as the case any be , and who has been debarred form being part of the University or appearing at the examinations of the University may , within fifteen days of the date of receipt of such orders or copy of such resolutions by him, appeal to the Executive Council and the Executive Council may confirm, modify or rescind the decision of the Vice-Chancellor or the Committee, as the case may be. Any decision by the Executive Council shall be taken as early as possible and in any case before the commencement of examination.