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The Maharaja Bhupinder Singh Punjab Sports University, Patiala was established vide Govt. of Punjab Act 11 of 2019 dated 29 August 2019, as a specialized University, to promote sports education in the areas of sports sciences, sports technology, sports management and sports coaching besides functioning as a State Training Centre for select sports disciplines by adopting best international practices and for being the sole University empowered to affiliate and regulate any Sports or Physical Education Institutions in the State of Punjab.

The University became functional on 16 September 2019. It commenced conducting two courses, i.e. BPES and PG-Diploma in Yoga from the premises of Prof. Gursewak Singh College of Physical Education, Patiala which has been made a constituent college. The offices began functioning from Mohindra Kothi Annexe, Mall Road, Patiala from October 2019 onwards. The Objects, Powers and functions of the University are defined in detail in Sections 5 & 6 of the MBSPSU Act.

The powers and duties of the Officers of the University as defined by Section 9 of the Act are given in detail in Sections 10-16 of the MBSPSU Act, read with Statutes 3-8 of the University.

All decisions are taken as per the MBSPSU Act and the Statutes. The Act prescribes for a Governing Body, Executive Council, Academic & Activity Council and Finance Committee and their respective functions and duties and decision-making matters are specified in Sections 19, 20, 21 and 23 read alongwith statutes 9,11,13 and 16 of the MBSPSU Act. The Act also provides for the making Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations on certain matters defined in the act itself, which will further chisel the processes of decision marking and accountability.

The MBSPSU follows proper procedures of decision making through various authorities and officers as defined in the Act.

The MBSPSU Act (Act 11 of 2019) and the First Statutes notified along with the Act on 29 August 2019 guide the functioning of the University. The University is in the process of making additional Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations to further define the functioning in continuation of the principal Act.

Attendance registers, stock register, fee receipts, admission forms of students, internal assessment awards, correspondence files pertaining to the university, service books of teaching and non-teaching staff etc. are held under the control of the university.

The MBSPSU Act provides for membership of the Governing Body, Executive Council, Academic & Activity Council and Finance committee, apart from ex-officio members, to be from among eminent sports scientists, sports administrators, sports academicians, eminent sportspersons, sports coaches, Sports Awardees and persons having expertise in finance and administration.

As per the MBSPSU Act, the details of formation of the Governing Body, Executive Council, Academic & Activity Council and Finance Committee are available on the University website. Where meetings of these bodies have taken place, their minutes/proceedings are also available online to general public.

A directory of the officers and of the University is available on the website and administrative office of the University. A directory of the staff and faculty of the Constituent College is available in the office of Prof Gursewak Singh College of Physical Education, Patiala.

The record of monthly remuneration received by each of the officer and employee of the university is maintained by and held under the control of the Accounts Branch of the university.

The budget allocation is also made by the university for every financial year and the details of which are available with the Budget Section of the university.

All programmes are executed after the approval of the appropriate bodies. The total amount allocated for any programme and utilized for any programme is subject to the approval of the auditors (appointed by the Govt.) and prior approval of the competent authorities. The beneficiaries of such programes are mainly the students and staff members working in the University.

The university receives fees from the student as prescribed by the university from time to time. All concessions including fee concession are given to the students under the Government rules is1sued from time to time.

Information held by MBSPSU is availble at the Administrative Offices of the University at Mohindra Kothi Annexe, Mall Road, Patiala.

The facilities of the university are primarily available to the students and staff of the university. The working hours of the university are from 10. 00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Mr. Satish Kumar, PS to VC is the Public Information Officer for MBSPSU. His contact number is +91175-5205118 and email is ps.tmbspsu@gmail.com

Mrs. Surabhi Malik, IAS would be the First Appellant Authority as per the RTI Act. Her contact number is +91175-5205119 and email id is registrar.tmbspsu@gmail.com.

All updated information is posted on its website _____________ from time to time.